New Way of Working


During the current ‘war on talent’ companies compete fiercely to attract the best employees while digitalisation challenges us to reconsider how we get things done. What is more, employee motivation is plummeting and more people suffer from burn-out. Faced with these challenges, companies look for new ways to organise their activities, redesign their offices and render their culture more bottom-up. As a result, more and more companies evolve towards the ‘New Way of Working’ (NWoW), which allows them to rethink their way of working in a unique way, completely adaptable to their needs. NWoW also empowers them to keep their operations agile and sustainable.


During his interactive speech, Laurent Ledoux told us about his experience with NWoW transformations and invited the audience to consider how they and their employees think about change. Are we really ready to transform our way of working ranging from the working environment to leadership?


Laurent Ledoux


Laurent Ledoux has transformed several private and public companies as a manager, including the Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport which he presided. Today he takes on the role of catalyst and accompanies organisations in their NWoW transformation. He has also been president of the association ‘Philosophie & Management’ for ten years, which invites managers to rethink their leadership practices.




Date: November 29th, 2017


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