Flex Working

23 Jan Flex Working

Flex working, that’s simple! was the slogan of this project.


We all know how much time we lose in traffic jams and sometimes we have to take a day off because of dentist’s appointment.

AXA had enough off these inefficiencies. After an evaluation, the company offers 80% of all its employee the chance to experience this new way of working. Before the summer AXA-collegues can work at home, in a local Axa hub or in the headquarters. 2 days out of 5 Axa employees can choose where they work and what their day looks like. This new way of working is based on trust and achievement, to obtain the best possible use of time.


It is a huge change for both manager and employee. That’s why our project team takes great care of communication and training.  During the roll-out process the project team will support everyone involved.

Teams with a way of working that is harder to change, will follow after the summer.

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