Leading change is one of the most complex challenges for any manager or senior executive. Whether you lead an organization in banking & insurance, telecom, public services, health care, … your ability to transform the organization to better respond to the needs of a continuously changing world is key to your future and long term success.

Leading change and managing the complexity of organizational transformations requires excellent leadership skills and insights in organizational and human dynamics, and a solid and consistent approach in defining and implementing the required changes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to guide you in the execution of your strategy and the realization of business transformations and changes through professional program, project and change management.

Together we face your key challenges :

  • focused execution of strategy and business objectives in changing environments
  • optimal use of scarce resources in change projects
  • solving the conflict between transformation activities and day-to-day operations
  • difficult mobilization of middle management in (complex) change tracks
  • change fatigue and impact on staff morale
  • low quality of project delivery

Our Services

Strategy execution and roadmapping:

  • translation of strategic objectives into a roadmap of programs and projects
  • target Operating Model definition & implementation at Business Unit / Departmental level
  • the development of strategic plans & objectives, future organization structure, governance, process architecture, service levels and HR strategy
  • optimization of strategic planning / business planning processes
  • definition & implementation of governance and monitoring processes
  • portfolio management processes and tools

Management of Change:

  • transformation management (programs, projects, change strategy & planning)
  • delivery of professional MoC services, ensuring an approach fitting your organization and ongoing change initiatives
  • support and coach management and Project Managers with the planning and execution of integrated change management
  • implementation of Management of Change standards and processes, tailored to the needs of the organization
  • guide management of the organization in dealing with the overall change load and change fatigue