Bridging the gap between business and IT

IT is everywhere. An efficient and effective collaboration between business and IT is therefore a crucial success factor in projects. IT departments often have  extensive experience in applying structured approaches to their software delivery.

We offer the following set of services:


Performing a business analysis

Before diving into the detailed specification of the desired solution, we analyze the current processes and define improvement opportunities. This results in an optimized TO BE process and a high level requirements overview for the future system.

Gathering requirements

For both ‘make’ or  ‘buy’ IT projects, it is crucial to have clear requirements in order to ensure that the delivered solution  matches the business needs. We can help you capture business requirements based on extensive input of key users and stakeholders. These are translated into finer grained product requirements for vendor selection (“buy”-project) or are used as input for a development project (“make”-project).



Performing a functional analysis

After defining the business and product requirements, a more detailed specification is developed before starting the actual implementation. We have an adapted approach for “make” and “buy” projects, and for agile and waterfall implementations. Typical functional analysis deliverables are data models, use case models, use case specifications, and others.

Supporting the business in an agile development project

We support the business in development projects, based on the agile method.



Deciding on ‘make’ or ‘buy’ options

We support the business and/or IT departments in creating clear requirements based on the business issues. These will form the basis of an exhaustive TCO and business case calculation allowing a solid ‘make’ or ‘buy’ decision.

Supporting the business in a waterfall development project

We support the business in development projects, based on the waterfall method.



Writing an RFP for vendor package selection

To ensure that the most suitable solution is selected, we recommend to start RFP procedures with a thorough business analysis. Based on the defined TO BE situation, business requirements are identified. Based on our extensive experience in similar projects, we define a structured approach to select the best solution in collaboration with the customer.

Selecting and implementing a BPMS

Business departments are continuously looking for ways to reduce their dependency on internal IT services. This is mainly due to the ever existing gap between the business need for agility and the IT need for controlled and stable systems. BPM suites are the perfect solution for allowing business to achieve great flexibility without impacting the stability of the core legacy systems.