Organizational Problems & Solutions

When aiming to improve their business performance, organizations can face a variety of problems:

  • lack of coordination
  • lack of accountability and insufficient focus on objectives
  • hidden “shadow” functions and conflicting responsibilities
  • poor information and work flow
  • inefficient decision-making
  • dysfunctional conflict
  • team dynamics

Getting a clear view on the issues and their root causes is often complicated. When defining optimal solutions, organizations have to take into account:

  • the complexities of strategic fit
  • resource constraints
  • coordination of difficult links
  • optimization of hierarchy and span of control
  • efficiency of decision processes

Our Mission

Designing and developing your organization to meet its challenges.

We partner up with you to:

  • adjust your organization structures to allow for successful strategy execution, service delivery and process execution
  • define logical, efficient and goal-oriented managerial responsibilities
  • adjust structures to do more with less, and cope with increasing or variable workload
  • adjust structures to ensure an optimal framework for your capable, motivated, flexible and mobile workforce
  • create a long term organizational development planning
  • avoid reorganization fatigue

Our Services

Organizational fitness diagnostics:

  • (high Level) processes and services review
  • assessment of current organization structures
  • assessment of current governance
  • assessment of current business performance and service level management
  • HR profiling and assessment of current staffing levels
  • perform Gap analysis: identify issues and improvement potential

Organisation design and implementation:

  • definition of Organization Design principles
  • definition of future core capabilities and processes (operating model)
  • scenario development for organizational structure and governance
  • impact analysis and scenario evaluation
  • detailed design activities (team level)
  • job design (function descriptions)
  • staff assignment and coordination of technical implementation (HR and Fin. systems, workflows, …)
  • objective setting at unit and team level
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