Training Context & objectives

ING was looking to elevate the management skills of team leaders and adjuncts in an operational environment.


Training Approach

We opted for a fresh approach in the form of a blended learning track over a period of 8 to 10 months, that allowed participants to assess, learn, practice and integrate the new competences. This track consisted of:

  • role play with professional actors
  • small group exercises
  • theory, surveys
  • online post-assessment
  • individual coaching
  • intervision
  • peer coaching and group coaching,
  • individual project and a certification presentation for a jury of managers.

During the first 4 days of the track, participants are evaluated to establish a baseline. Moving towards certification, they identify KPIs to improve, send a survey among their teams and define their objectives in a contract. In between, 3 coaching days were organized to ensure participants stay on the right track and to provide them with complementary learning material. 8 to 10 months later they are re-evaluated and ready to go through a certification (internal jury N+2 level).



Trainers Ideas at Work


  • Satisfied participants, grown in their management role due to practical integration of the training
  • Improvement projects via KPI with direct impact on team performance
  • Visual results on individual and team levels
  • Sharing experience and feedback between team leaders of different departments

Nathalie Reul – Project Sponsor

Operational Management is a toolbox, to reach operational excellence and continuous process improvement, with customer and employees as the center of our attention.