Delta Lloyd Bank


Project Context

When we arrived, Delta Lloyd was burdened by 2 ….

  • increased pressure on profitability : Operational costs needed to be reduced dramatically without compromising on the revenue
  • a need to boost commercial performance: a historical lack of understanding between the branch network and back offices resulting in quality issues rework, loss of productivity, and slower handling of client requests.

Business Objectives

One of the key objectives of our project was to substantially improve productivity within the entire organization: aligning staff levels with actual activity levels on the one side and market standards on the other. This needed to be realized whilst improving quality and reliability levels of Delta Lloyd’s services, without compromising employee satisfaction.


Project approach

Through the structural anchoring of Lean management we implemented small, manageable teams, as a new way of working and thinking. A holistic approach was used in order to obtain sustainable results and a real cultural change. This approach balanced technical improvements with people, managerial, team and organizational development.


Project team

A key success driver was working with a blended project team. Our experts trained and coached internal Delta Lloyd navigators in order to form a blended project team, responsible for the immense success of the project.


  • Productivity improved by 35% in Back-Offices and 38% in Front-Office.
  • Sales team turned around towards a proactive focus, significantly increasing commercial results
  • Quality improved: 95% SLA on speed, quality & reliability of service
  • Continuous improvement organization through self steering teams in both Back- and Front-Office
  • Employee satisfaction increased by implementing smarter ways of working
  • Fully trained and experienced internal team of Lean navigators