axa gebouw

Project Context

AXA Bank conceived an ambitious plan to strengthen the firm’s health after the financial crisis. The main building blocks in realizing this ambition consisted of people, team spirit and a single headquarters in close contact with local and independent agencies. This resulted in the FAST program: Fair Achievement (and Trust), Simple and Transparent.


Business Objectives

• Centralising all AXA Bank employees at the headquarters in Berchem

• Allowing employees to work at home and from flex-locations

• Improving collaboration within and between teams in a new working environment

• Digitalisation of business processes to optimize the office and allow for flex work


Project approach

Throughout the transformation Ideas at Work was responsible for managing change. True to our values, this was accomplished in a highly collaborative way and with a pragmatic and hands-on approach.

As an integrator of the different aspects of the project, Ideas at Work performed different roles throughout the project’s subsequent phases:

1. Vision: Facilitator of vision workshops with the board members and HR. Translation of management’s vision into a strong, integrated concept.

2. Preparation:

  • Preparation of, implementation of and follow-up on telework.
  • Improving processes aimed towards paperless working, flex desks and travelling light during the day
  • Designing a training approach and arranging train-the-trainer sessions for internal facilitators.

3. Rollout: Coordination and project management of rollout efforts.

4. Follow-up: team support and follow-up on digitalisation and steering on output by management


Project team

In order for this project to work, a fast decision structure and a strong delivery team had to be installed.
Ideas at Work facilitated the transformation to the FAST way of working in collaboration with the internal change team of AXA insurance, AXA technical services and AXA internal resources.
The internal project team consisted of HR, business and technical profiles. The NWoW dimensions Bricks and Bytes were supported by respectively Colliers and Xylos.



  • The first project kick-offs were implemented in January. By June, 80% of the 700 employees were working in the headquarters located in Berchem.
  • The headquarters is fully adapted to a flex desk environment allowing employees to work at home or in flex locations.
  • As from September, 60% of the employees work at home during 1 or 2 days a week.
  • The wellbeing factor was raised by 2 points.
  • Parking space shortage was eliminated.
  • Productivity in certain teams increased with 5% because of easier commuting.
  • Stored paper and the amount of cabinets were reduced by 75%.