Business Games – The Greatest Move

16 Jan Business Games – The Greatest Move

 Business Games

Our Business Simulations allow you to experience in an interactive and realistic way the essence and the advantages of Business Process Management and Project Management. The simulation confronts the participants with recognizable situations, independent of their own organization and their own role within it.

When “played” by entire departments or organizations, it is an ideal team building activity. Parallel sessions between 2 or 3 departments can add an extra dimension of competition.

 The Greatest Move

As from 2008, Ideas at Work is the exclusive distributor of the new business process simulation “The Greatest Move”. During the simulation, 8 to 12 participants become employees of an international moving firm called “World Wide Movers”.

They can be part of the service center, the R&D department, planners, commercial or financial department. The “General Manager” has the lead, and will support and organize his team for improving the internal processes and the performance of World Wide Movers. The results must allow the organization to do better than the competition.
The processes, designed by the team, will be tested during the simulation. At the end of each round, a dashboard will reveal the organization’

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