Séraphine Aelterman

Séraphine Aelterman

Séraphine Aelterman

Management Consultant

Personal quote

“To get game-changing results, start focusing on game-changing thoughts”  ( Robin Sharma)

Vision on consulting services Ideas at Work

Ideas at Work helps to shape the client’s future by working as one team to attain sustainable solutions based on both the goals that are set and the opportunities that are discovered along the way

Reference Case

Delta Lloyd Bank was facing a number of challenges to be in line with market best practices for the opening of a new client profile. Rework, abundance of paper flow and frustrations between front-and back offices were dealt with daily, causing both unhappy clients and unhappy employees. Through a Lean Six Sigma approach I analyzed and evaluated the current way of working, leading to significant improvement opportunities in both front and back office.

Bio & Skills

I graduated from Ghent University with a Master in Economic Law and later on from Vlerick Management School with a Master in General Management. My first professional experiences I gained in the financial sector.

Consulting experience in project management and business analysis are my core skills.