New Way of Working

During the current ‘war on talent’ companies compete fiercely to attract the best employees while digitalisation challenges us to reconsider how we get things done. What is more, employee motivation is plummeting and more people suffer from burn-out. Faced with these challenges, companies look for new ways to organise their activities, redesign their offices and render their culture more bottom-up. As a result, more and more companies evolve towards the ‘New Way of Working’ (NWoW), which allows them to rethink their way of working in a unique way, completely adaptable to their needs. NWoW also empowers them to keep their operations agile and sustainable.

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Delta Lloyd

During the recent financial crisis, Ideas at Work introduced Lean Management in Delta Lloyd. As a result, a gain of more than 35% in productivity in Front- and Back Office was achieved by increasing commercial results and optimizing service.

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Technology center with fiber optic equipment


By redesigning the Service Assurance Department, we increased the collaboration between coax and fiber teams, which led to increased synergies and better End-2-End coordination.

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axa gebouw

AXA Bank

AXA Bank conceived an ambitious plan to strengthen the firm’s health after the financial crisis. The main building blocks in realizing this ambition consisted of people, team spirit and a single headquarters in close contact with local and independent agencies. This resulted in the FAST program: Fair Achievement (and Trust), Simple and Transparent.

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Through a blended learning track and KPI improvement projects, teamleaders at ING reached a higher competence level, for both hard and soft skills.

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Through effective guidance we facilitate the development of clearly focused solutions, leading to continued and meaningful results.

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In interactive training sessions, our experienced sr. consultants combine eye-opening Business Games and intensive coaching to develop the participants’ competences.

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